Netflix Christmas Flick: Not the Festive Treat You Hoped For

The holiday season brings a slew of Christmas movies flooding streaming platforms. Some hit the spot, but others… well, they miss the mark by a mile. This year, Netflix threw “Best. Christmas. Ever!” into the mix, but let’s just say, it might not be making anyone’s top picks.

Setting the Scene

Comparing this to classics like “Love Actually” or “Bad Santa” is like comparing a snowflake to an avalanche – totally unfair! But hey, even if we set the bar lower, this flick still doesn’t cut it. Netflix has dived headfirst into the festive film game, and while they’ve pulled in some big names for other stuff, this one feels like they phoned it in. koin303

A Lackluster Tale

Clocking in at under 80 minutes, it barely qualifies as a movie. It’s more like a string of snippets that never quite become real scenes. The story? It’s about two old pals meeting up during the holidays. One’s a success story, the other feels like a flop. Sounds like it could brew some serious drama, right? Wrong. The film plays it safe, opting for a snooze-worthy storyline instead of digging into the potentially spicy rivalry. koin303

Missing the Mark

You’d expect some bite from a plot like this, but alas, it’s as bland as a melted snow pile. The potential for dark comedy gets drowned in syrupy sweetness. The script fumbles around with life lessons and throws in too many cutesy kid moments. The lead actors, Brandy Norwood and Heather Graham, seem trapped in autopilot mode. Graham’s attempts at comedy fall flat, leaving us yearning for some zing. coin303

Lost in Translation

The friendship between the two leads? Yeah, it’s a blur. They barely share screen time together, leaving gaps bigger than the North Pole. Instead of fixing that, the script veers off into weird romantic jealousy angles involving their husbands. What a miss! It should’ve focused on the women and their dynamic.

A Crazy Finale

As the story careens towards the end, it tries to redeem itself with an out-of-control hot air balloon ride and failed inventor skills. Sounds wild, right? Sadly, it’s a tad too crazy too late to save the movie from its earlier flatness.

Netflix’s Not-So-Great Debut


This might be Netflix’s first Christmas movie of the year, but let’s hope it’s not a sign of things to come. It’s a rough start, and honestly, it’s hard to imagine it getting much worse.