Starfield Multiplayer Dream Takes a Crash Landing: Modder’s Galactic Struggle

Starfield Multiplayer Dream Takes a Crash Landing: Modder's Galactic Struggle

Hey you space explorers! Remember the game Starfield that said it would take us on a trip through space? Someone who mods games came up with the great idea of adding multiplayer, which made it even cooler. Take a picture of yourself exploring alien worlds with your friends, making bases, and dancing in zero gravity. That sounds like a lot of fun, right? Hold on to your helmets, because this dream ran into a problem in space.

Mission: Crazy Multiplayer Fun

Meet Cosideci, a modder who is popular for making a Skyrim multiplayer mod. They were really excited to add some online magic to Starfield. Think about what could happen if you teamed up with friends to fight alien threats and make a powerful space group. It was like a space detective looking for hints in the game’s code to find out how to make it playable with other people.

We have a problem in Houston.

It was hard, though, because space is very big. Cosideci felt like they were trying to build a rocket out of duct tape and gum as they looked into Starfield’s code. It was a mess, hard to understand, and not really made for team play. It got even worse: the planets looked beautiful, but they didn’t seem very interesting. They were like boring space rocks that weren’t doing much.

“Starfield is a Dumpster Fire” – The Galactic Judgement

After months of hard work, Cosideci was hit with some harsh truths. They shared what they had done so far (which was still pretty cool!) in the hopes that someone else could figure out how to make multiplayer work. The catch is that they didn’t really throw Starfield a goodbye party. They call it “a steaming pile of garbage.” Ouch! That’s like calling your favorite KLIK88SLOT rocket a space car.

What Will Starfield Do Next?

Don’t forget that this is just one person’s opinion on the game. Starfield still has a lot of fans who like the space adventure feel. Maybe some people don’t like it that much. But Cosideci’s problems make people wonder about the game’s tech problems and whether those huge planets are really that exciting.

The cosmic lesson: there are bumps in the road.

This story shows us that even the best plans can run into problems. Things don’t always go as planned, even if you work really hard and have great skills. But that’s the thing about being creative: your rocket might crash a few times before it gets to the stars. Who knows, maybe another great modder will step up to the plate and make Starfield multiplayer a reality. Don’t stop traveling and dreaming until then, but maybe don’t use duct tape and gum to build spaceships.