Exhibition of Hand-Painted Art Promotes Learning and Cultural Preservation in the Internet Age

Exhibition of Hand-Painted Art Promotes Learning and Cultural Preservation in the Internet Age
The Unicorn Young Collectors Club (UYCC), a prestigious Indonesian art gallery, has opened a new exhibition of hand-painted works in a hotel on Surabaya’s Kaliasin Street. From September 9th through November 12th, 2023, art lovers will be captivated by this intriguing show.

Educating Future Generations on the Value of Hand-Painted Art

The Art Director of UYCC, Johannes Febrianto Elyas, discusses the upcoming art exhibition with enthusiasm. The exhibition is titled “From zero to 100 Art Exhibition” and “Masquerade Psychological Art Exhibition.” There are more than fifty paintings on display, all of which were created by artists from different parts of Indonesia.
Exhibition of Hand-Painted Art Promotes Learning and Cultural Preservation in the Internet Age
Elyas is quick to point out that the exhibition is more than simply a showcase of talent; it is an active attempt to pique the interest of the general public, especially the younger generation, in hand-painted art. He emphasises the educational value of the event by saying, “We aim to cultivate enthusiasm for art, ensuring it becomes a vibrant part of our younger generation’s cultural experience.”

Reimagining Audience Experiences in the Digital Age

Elyas emphasises the significance of reaching a digitally literate audience with these hand-painted artworks in the era of digital content and social media. The exhibition’s layout and selection of works have been made with attention so that visitors may actively connect with them and help them find a home in the online world.
It’s not only about getting those who wouldn’t normally consider themselves art lovers to interact with and learn about art. He continues, “What we’re doing is basically saying, ‘Look, this is art,’ and showing off the breadth of creative inquiry.
Elyas elaborates that one should make sure that displays of handmade art never become boring or stale, as this might turn off prospective art buyers.

The Inspiration, Self-Expression, and Inner Calm that Hand-Painted Art Provides

CEO of UYCC Aldridge Tjiptarahardja muses on the power of art as a vehicle for personal growth and self-expression. Art, he says, is a potent tool for communicating ideas and tackling complex social problems. “Art is not just about aesthetics; it’s a means of communication and a platform for important dialogues,” he says.
Tjiptarahardja emphasises the healing and balancing power of art, beyond its function as a means of expression. It would be impossible to exaggerate the value of art. Without it, people’s lives may feel out of whack and cause them stress. Indeed, it is that basic, he says.

Sale of Hand-Painted Artwork Promotes Creative Endeavours

In addition to providing a visual feast, this exhibition also allows viewers to purchase the paintings on display. All of the works were made by skilled artists from all around the world, and you may buy them all! Artwork prices range from inexpensive to exorbitant, so collectors may both support artists and add original works to their collections.
UYCC’s display of hand-painted art is an intriguing synthesis of artistic expression, learning, and technology. It is an example of the power of art in any form since it encourages people to value handmade objects again while living in a digital world.